Saturday, 28 July 2018

How To Display Art in your Home

There are countless ways to display art around the home and thinking up ways to show off your art can be a daunting task! As a print company we absolutely love to have art in our homes, the LLT team would never be seen with blank walls! We've collected our very favourite (and unexpected) ways to display your art, prints and paintings.

image from Poppy Talk

Casual Frames

We love this really modern and minimalist frames, they're incredibly easy to use and they look sleek too. If you're not a fan of traditional frames or you're on a tight budget this option is probably perfect for you. The blog Poppy Talk even has a DIY if you fancy having a go at making one yourself.

Image from Avenue Lifestyle
Mini Gallery Wall

Does a gallery wall fill you with dread? You could try downsizing and make a mini one instead! The main rules to remember are 1. Keep your artwork cohesive and complimentary. 2. Think about blending different sizes of art. 3. Plan out where you'd like to hang everything on the floor first.

Image from The Every Girl
Full Gallery Wall

Want to go crazy and have fun with your art collection? This style is for you. If you love eclectic art and showing off all the pieces you've collected over the years this is a great way to display your art. The rules are similar to the mini gallery wall but if you're covering a whole wall you will have more freedom to mix it up a bit.

Image from My Scandinavian Home

Picture Shelf

A slim picture shelf is a fantastic way to display art and smaller accessories. It's flexible, inexpensive and works in every room of the house. You can buy picture frames from Ikea which is a really cheap way to try them out. Remember that you can always change up what's on the shelves to suit your mood too!

Image from Curate and Display
By your Desk

This is the perfect option if you have a collection of postcards, greetings cards or smaller prints that you want to display. Just like a picture shelf, this method is a very flexible option which you can change whenever you like. We love using peg boards, cork boards or even washi tape to display art around our desks.

Image from Paper & Stitch
Leaning Against the Wall

This is one for all you renters out there (or if you like to keep things relaxed). I personally lean art and prints all the time, I think it looks really cool and you can easily switch it up. I think this method works best on sideboards and side tables. If you're using the area a lot you will need to be careful not to knock into your artwork.

Image from Style me Pretty

Unexpected Rooms

Remember that art isn't just for the living room and bedroom, you can show off your collection anywhere! I'm personally partial to displaying art in the bathroom, especially anything that doesn't really "go" with the rest of the house. I know that may not be everyone's cup of tea but it's fun to think outside the box!


We really hope you found this blog post useful, we would love to hear how you display your artwork. Remember that the Lucy Loves This shop is full with amazing prints just in case you need to top up your collection!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Nancy's University Story

For the second in our university series, we have Nancy who helps create the Lucy Loves This marketing content, Nancy also styles and shoots the product photography. Today she will be talking about her experience at Newcastle College to celebrate the new collection of prints that champion university towns, perfect for anyone who is set to graduate this year.

After initially thinking I wanted to go to Edinburgh to study graphic design my mum convinced me to give the Art & Design Foundation course at Newcastle College a try. Once I’d had some time to think about it I realised that I wasn't emotionally ready to move away from home so I decided to stick to my home town for one more year and give it a try!

For me, the foundation year was the perfect stepping stone from school (where I thought I was a grown up, but actually wasn’t) to living life alone for the fist time at uni. I felt like a small fish in a big pond the first few weeks as I had come from a very small secondary school - there were six people in my art class at A Level! I soon got used to the new routine and made some amazing friends.

Everyone there was so different, all ages, all backgrounds and all nationalities which was really refreshing as my secondary school was an all-girls school. I learnt so much about myself and how there are many different personalities in the world (not just mean posh girls!). I flung myself into the work, I felt like we were all given the opportunity to play and explore lots of different art forms which was so fun. There was no pressure, all we had to do was try out every discipline before choosing our specialist subject. I studied, fine art, illustration, ceramics, sculpture, textile design, fashion design, photography and graphic design. Graphic design actually ended up being the one course that I really didn't like so thank goodness I went for the foundation year after all!

I found that I had a huge passion and talent for textile design, which was something I had never studied before. This lead to me choosing it as my specialist subject and I studied it for the remaining 9 months of the course. I was awarded a distinction and then went on to study Printed Textiles and Surface Design at Leeds Arts University.

Without the foundation year course at Newcastle College, I may be stuck in a graphic design job at the moment. Now have my own interior styling brand and I also get to help out lovely designers like Lucy too!


We would love to hear your own university tales so head over to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to leave a comment and join in the conversation.

Our full collection of uni town prints are available here if you'd like to purchase one for a recent graduate!