Friday, 8 February 2019

Love Stories

Oh Valentine’s, day of love, romance...and present panic. The traditional favourites of flowers and
chocolates might get you through the first Valentine’s Day of a relationship, but what happens when
things get serious. A few years in and you’re meant to know your partner better; something more
personal and thoughtful is required.

Last week was International Storytelling Week and amongst all the articles about the many benefits
of storytelling we spotted a few mentions of a book by Dr Karen Skerrett at Northwestern University
all about shared storytelling. Dr. Skerrett’s book coins the phrase ‘we-stories’. Apparently, stories that couples build, remember and share with their friends and family help them to grow a shared identity
and anchor them if things ever get tough. Inspired by these ‘we-stories’ we’ve been thinking about
some top gifts from our collection, which can help couples remember their most treasured stories.

Two become one: why not build a collection of your home towns and the one you now share, tracing
the journey of how you came together.

Love London: If you fell in love in the city our LOVE print tells three stories in one. Love London, love each other, love life.

Your Song: Take a look to see if any of the musicians featured in our collection sang the songs that have featured in your life together.

A Walk in the Park: Whether you’re day-trippers, brunch eaters, Sunday strollers or Park-Runners
London’s open spaces hold memories for many couples. Take a look at our collection to find the
parks that mean the most to you


A Grand Proposal: ‘Where did you ask?’ is always the first question when someone gets engaged.
Remember that moment on that picturesque bridge/at the top of the Eiffel Tower/cruising down the
river forever with one of our location prints.

Honeymoon: When you need a reminder of that honeymoon period a print of the place you first
shared as a married couple can take you straight back to that time.

Splash Out: If you’ve gone big and booked a trip abroad as a Valentine’s gift it’s likely that all you’ll have to show for it is an online booking confirmation. Our prints are a lot prettier than an EasyJet  email, and as well as giving your partner something to unwrap on the day, you’ll have a instant memento of your romantic holiday away.

We hope our top tips have given you some inspiration. You can shop our Valentine’s  recommendations here, or look for your special locations in the search bar.

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