Friday, 10 August 2018

Martha's Uni Story

It's time for our third and final uni story post, this time it's Martha's turn! Remember that if you know anyone who has recently graduated or who is set to go to uni this September we have a huge range of prints to celebrate most of the towns in the UK. On to Martha to hear all about her uni experience...

I went to Lancaster Uni (Lonsdale College) and studied Religious Studies and Philosophy. Lancaster is a campus-based university, in a small town so you get to know people pretty quickly and I've made friends who I still see regularly now. One of whom gets married very soon and the Lancaster print will be part of her wedding present. I know that they will love the print, the perfect memento to remember our time together at uni.

I did lots of volunteering at university and it was through that and working at the Student Union Volunteering Unit after I graduated that has set me up for a career helping young people in a variety of roles. My work has ranged from helping young adults set up their own businesses to recruiting them into apprentice and graduate roles whilst working at Sky.

And of course, the entrepreneurial spirit I learnt at Lancaster has led me to work one day a work for one of my best friends, Lucy! So I'd like to think that without Lancaster I wouldn't have learnt the skills needed to have my lovely job.

Whilst at Lancaster I had many nights out dancing in the Sugarhouse and then waiting, with a marker pen stamp on your hand for the bus back to campus 

Atkinsons in Lancaster
Lancaster also has some great pubs, I love nothing more than a pint on the weekend in a traditional pub - The White Cross and The Waterwitch were two favorites, both on the river and both serving great pub food. I have many fond memories of both.

Atkinsons is still one of my favourite places in Lancaster, a 180-year-old coffee roasting and tea merchants. Everything you buy comes in gorgeous little packets (my friends and family have received a lot of Atkinsons tea as Christmas presents over the years) and my Atkinsons mug is still my favorite for my weekend cuppa.

Finally - if the weather is nice, which lets face it, isn't loads in Lancaster then either head to the Lakes or take a picnic to Williamson Park with its fabulous views and beautiful Ashton Memorial. One of my favourite uni memories is sitting on the Ashton steps watching the sun come up after my graduation ball, with those friends I mentioned earlier.


We hope you enjoyed our uni story series! If you'd like to commemorate your own university or college experience please take a look at our uni collection right here. 

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